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Be a story teller through a novel of appearance, a tapestry of accessories, let the final heirlooms become part of your unique tale, creating an invisible bond between your admirers souls and yours.

We look forward to telling our story to you.

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Styling Tips

Tie Bars

A well-dressed man likes to show the world his good taste, which includes carefully selected accessories to add that special touch. The range of Valmoh tie bars is a must-have for any gentleman who wants to bring personality to his look - Be confident, keep your tie pinned

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Cuff Links

A staple in any men's wardrobe, Valmohs cuff links are the perfect companion to look dashing in any circumstances - Get cuff-linked today.

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A tie is a fashion accessory that gives you the opportunity to be creative and express your personality.  Valmoh ties are the perfect kit to celebrate and understand style and elegance

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